Saturday, October 20, 2012

#49: ARGO Truck

Been out of  6x6 and 5x7 inch gessobord panels for over a week now - that's a long time! The local art store ran out of gessobords same time that I did.. bummer! I'm getting a little tired of painting on 4x4 inch panels; trying to get all the minute details and fonts in. Some things just look better ...Bigger!

This truck was parked a couple of blocks from my workplace. I didn't take notice until a friend mentioned it. Forgot all about it until I saw the movie ARGO last weekend. They had the same truck same color in one of the shots for about 5 seconds.

Probably making a fool of myself by guessing the make, model, year ... here we go: I think its a 1965 Ford F-100 Pickup Truck. Am I close?

4x4 inch
oil on gessobord