Sunday, November 30, 2014

#151: Mixed Media Madness

Got another commission from the CrossfitWorcester community. This is for one of the owners, David Rojas (thank you my friend!). I was asked to use an art print as a reference - a textured b&w background with a blue SLR on it. It was a little out of my confort zone since it isn't realistic. I made the background with acrylic paints, bounty paper towels and fingers. A little oil paint and couple of glasses of wine went into painting the camera. Thanks to my friend Lori Allard for staying up with me late last night and helping me determine that it was a keeper and didn't belong in the recycle pile! Now I agree that it looks nice; has a retro yet modern vibe to it. 

12x12 inch, acrylic and oil on stretched canvas bars - SOLD