Wednesday, May 20, 2015

#172: "Greyson"

Greyson's portrait was a part of a double commission. I painted his sister Avery earlier with the title "Selfie". I can't decide if I'm in love with the painting because I did a better job on it overall or because Greyson bears a resemblance to Harry Potter. 

I finished listening to the audiobook 'Becoming Steve Jobs' and highly recommend it to anyone who has ever used any Apple device and loved it (we are talking about billions of people here). Many of you know me as a die-hard Apple fan which I am but I have always been a bigger fan of Steve Jobs than of his creation, Apple. The previous book 'Steve Jobs' by Isaacson did him a disservice as it only described the larger than life, arrogant genius side of his personality. 'Becoming Steve Jobs' provides a better depiction of his transformation into a true technology leader and the consecutive  transformation of Apple products and the company. 
SOLD - 11x14" Oil on Gessobord