Monday, December 19, 2016

#326: T. Vig

A commisssioned figure painting in a custom canvas size - 22x44". This is the left side of the painting with the figure standing tall at 21". The remaining canvas will hold a quote by him. This painting surprised me in many ways. It was painted from a medium-low resolution photo and I imagined it would be a struggle not being able to see all muscle groups on the face and body in detail. But I cheated my brain into thinking of the figure as just a play of light and shadows. This was hard to do because you know what a hand looks like and to break it down into tiny areas of light and shadow requires unlearning what you know about the human anatomy. The face had the least details in the reference photo but I struggled with it a lot less than I had imagined. A trick I learned was to not blow up the low res photo on my Mac; rather to look at each part on my 4" iPhone screen. Helped a lot. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.